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You and others have the modules that have been constructed. I have no idea
where they are located...



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Do you know where any exist?  Let's get them in Juan's hand and SEE.

Dick Jansson-rr wrote:



You keep commenting on the flexure of the PCB and relate it to the module
hardware that you have in hand. It is my very greatly considered opinion
that the baseplate that you have has been modified (butchered) to allow for
the soldering of the CAN 40pin connector and this has created not only
reduced sections in this plate, but probably has also distorted the plate
considerable. Such distortions in all likelihood have created a non-normal
flexure condition in that particular plate. As such, your opinion of the
design has been biased, and that is unfortunate. It seems to me that you
should try to acquire an E05 21 base plate that is in "stock" condition. I
don't have any in hand here in Florida, or I would have sent it to you some
time ago. These parts, unfortunately are in a limited supply at this time.



Dick Jansson, KD1K

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