[eagle] Re: [Advisors] A new opportunity (Phase 4 lite?)

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Tue Jul 17 16:02:50 PDT 2007

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>   This raises a serious problem as Region
> 1 does not permit us to radiate signals from the satellite in the
> 3400-3410 MHz band if they can see it.

Bob et al,

This might overstate the problem just a bit.  The ITU RR allow any country to 
put any station on any frequency, as long as no harmful interference is 
caused to stations operating in accordance with the Table of Frequency Allocations. 
 So, depending upon the orbital station(s), it may be possible for us to 
design an antenna whose footprint would result in a PFD low enough in the Region 1 
land mass so as not to cause harmful interference there.  One more design 
issue for the engineering team....


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