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Not that my opinion counts for anything in this issue, but I for one support
the concept of edge mounting of the CAN module, using whatever connector is
finally selected. The edge mounting would not of itself mandate the use of
the HD connector as you will not really same much more space by its use. One
issue related to the edge-mounted CAN module is a mechanical one, in that
such a mounting presupposes a cantilevered mass of the CAN module supported
by the connector, this is totally unacceptable as it would ring like a
church bell under these conditions. The CAN module must be basically
attached to a main PCB that brings the CAN module connector to the Connector
Bracket, along with other connectors. 

This edge mounting of the CAN module will also occupy space on the Connector
Bracket that could also be used by other of the PCB's edge mounted
connectors, and I am very sure that we will hear about that waste of
connector space, too! To some degree, this is a no-win situation.....

Dick Jansson, KD1K
kd1k at amsat.org 
kd1k at arrl.net 

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I am a little disappointed that there have not been any comments 
regarding the changes I saw as being made with a new design.  
Additions/changes/questions/etc.  I don't think we should do a new 
design without this discussion.  Maybe people feel these issues have 
been well covered in the past.  If so, a simple "looks good to me" would 
be helpful.



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