[eagle] Re: EMI Control & PCB Analysis - Aug. 22, Boston

Tom Clark, K3IO tom.k3io at gmail.com
Sat Jul 14 15:55:01 PDT 2007

Steve Schwarm, W3EVE wrote:
> I'm sorry I missed the TeamSpeak last night. I live in the Boston Area
> and can attend the workshop if that helps. I hope to be able to spend
> some time looking at it next week. I have a few to many things going
> on this week. I don't have the required test equipment but have worked
> on similar issues in the past. Mostly with very low level, low
> frequency stuff, though.
> Steve
Steve -- it's really up to you. AMSAT is a legal ANSOFT user with us
identified as an educational organization. All I know about this event
is what is posted on their web site, coming from the message I forwarded.

Its always a good idea to make AMSAT's presence known and to glean
whatever facts we can about state-of-the-art technology, especially
software packages like ANSOFT that have a VERY steep learning curve. As
an example, this week N4HY and I are attending a MATLAB/SIMULINK seminar
here in MD.

73, Tom

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