[eagle] Design Levels and 2 meter amplifier

Marc Franco lu6dw at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 11 19:04:48 PDT 2007

Hi all,

The +10 dBm level for the 2 meter phase is just fine. 

Talking about the 2 meter amplifier, the final stage
designed around the Cree silicon carbide MESFET worked
very well. I presented a paper on this amplifier at
the IEEE International Microwave Symposium in Hawaii a
few weeks ago. Cree obtained permission from the IEEE
and made available the paper on their web site:


For the time being, it is the first paper in the list.
I invite you to take a look at the paper for more
details on the amplifier.

Since this amplifier needs +27 dBm of drive for an
output of +43 dBm, I requested the computer model and
a couple of sample devices from Cree to design a
driver amplifier. Al, K2UYH, helped to obtain the
samples, which are here in my house.

The final amplifier efficiency was measured at around
86 to 88%, and this number holds quite well at almost
any drain voltage or output power. This is exactly
what is needed for a good envelope elimination and
restoration linear amplifier. Also, the RF output
voltage varies linearly with the drain voltage.

I am very busy right now with a new job, new house,
new state (NC), and my wife is expecting a baby boy
for the first days of December. However, I hope to
spend some time working on the driver to complete the
2 meter amplifier chain.

73, Marc N2UO

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