[eagle] P3E SDX Design Levels take 2

Howard Long eagle at howardlong.com
Wed Jul 11 06:04:31 PDT 2007


Sorry I will try again with some formatting.

Following the Teamspeak meeting, the pertinent levels for P3E:

V Tx Phase +10dBm @ 145.895MHz into 50 ohm;

V Tx Envelope 2Vp-p into 1kOhm baseband;

U/V AGC I/O: 2V full gain, 5V full compression (output capable of ~2.5mA

U band IF in -15dBm @ 10.7MHz into 50 ohm;

L band IF in -15dBm @ 10.7MHz into 50 ohm;

S band IF out -15dBm @ 10.7MHz into 50 ohm.

73, Howard G6LVB

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