[eagle] Re: First Temperature Run on the 70cm Receiver

Bdale Garbee bdale at gag.com
Fri Jul 6 01:49:29 PDT 2007

On Wed, 2007-07-04 at 15:46 -0400, Robert McGwier wrote:

> http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/19588942/

Thanks for the pointer.  We do live in interesting times.

By chance, my family and I were in the UK when Blair stepped down and
Brown took over as PM.  Intriguing.  Managed to be out of the UK a day
or so before the most recent string of security incidents, thankfully.  

A friend forwarded me the link below... in light of the above, I think
others here might find it an interesting "compare and contrast" piece,
where Brown makes strong statements about how he thinks the role of the
PM should change in the UK.  Be interesting to watch and see how much of
this happens, and what if any impact it has on the UK as a result:


Got to spend an extra night in a Paris airport hotel thanks to a broken
767, but we're home to Colorado now.  Huge pile of mail (paper and e-)
to dig through, but will sync with the rest of the CAN-Do! team about
next steps soon.


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