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Right now I think that CAN-D0 EMI is the long pole in the tent.  It impacts
many things:

1) Can the radiated EMI from the CAN-Do module be made low enough so other
users can utilize all the space in the enclosure?  If not, then they either
have to vacate the area near the CAN-Do module as I have or the module needs
to be in an RF-tight section by itself.  If this is the case then the
enclosure is impacted.

2) Is there a way to bring RF out the side of the enclosure?  This may
become very important depending on how quiet the CAN-Do module can be made.
It will become essential if the enclosure is split into two sections.
Perhaps the enclosure needs to be made slightly narrower to facilitate this.

3) Can EMI filtering be added to the CAN-Do module, perhaps on a small
outboard PCB, to clean up the DC input lines and also the switched DC to the

4) We need an EMI spec and a way of generating noisy DC so folks can design
and test to something other than their imagination or best guess.

5) We need a short and long term frequency stability spec.



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For whatever reason, I'm unable to update EaglePedia (it ignores my 
changes), so here's the agenda as I see it.  Feell free to suggest 
additons to me, I'll keep a running total and publish just prior to the 
    1.  Symposium
    2.  Requirements documentation
'   3.  WBS and schedule development
    4.  Status reports
       UHF RX
       S2 Rx
    5,  EMI

Please add topics.

Thanks & 73,
wb4gcs at amsat.org

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