[eagle] Re: CAN-Do Causing RF Frequency Jumps in 70 cm Receiver

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I managed to confuse myself last night so my plan today is to try to retrace
my steps and capture the demodulated IF output as a wave file.  I'll report
back when I have this figured out.






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Subject: Re: [eagle] CAN-Do Causing RF Frequency Jumps in 70 cm Receiver




    You say it jumps when you start the heartbeat.   Are the jumps at the

    same frequency as the heartbeat?   Are you at a 5Hz poll (for instance)

    and are the jumps then 5 times a second?  This would indicate that

    something in the configure message is causing the jumps.


    You suggest that it might be the 3 Sec. watchdog but that doesn't make

    sense if the heartbeat is actually running unless the heartbeat is not 

    communicating with your device...   The widget watchdog will not fire if

    a configure message for the widget is heard by the widget within the

    3 Sec window.


    (I can't tell from your writup what's happening so I'm trying to


     If you see this happen again you can save the CAN traffic log

     and send it to me.   I might be able to see something in the traffic.


     I've been lurking and enjoying reading all of your reports.  You've 

     been doing great work.  


     I'll be glad to help where I can.   





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