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This is going to require some uninterrupted time when I can think.  It's too
difficult to get much done on work nights so I'll probably have to put it
off until the weekend, or perhaps the 4th.


73, Juan



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Subject: Re: 10.7 MHz Spur


The possible sources are the PLLs and the logic inside the onboard TCXO. Can
you turn off the internal TCXO by removing the ferrite bead feeding it power
and use and external 10 MHz reference?


If this doesn't work, the PLL division ratios can be changed.






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The short answer is 'no'.  Click here
for details and scroll to the bottom of the log...




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Subject: Re: 10.7 MHz Spur


Does the spur go away if the external reference is on (whether or not it is 

routed to the PLLs)?







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> John,


> I found the source of the 10.7 MHz spur.  It's being generated inside the

> receiver itself.  This is the first spur I have found that is not caused 

> by

> switching power supplies.


> The origin appears to be in the 10 MHz reference area.  I turned off and

> unplugged the SDR-IQ and fed the IF output from the 70 cm Receiver to my

> TS-2000.  The spur is still there.


> Next I connected the RF input to my sniffer loop and moved it around the 


> surface.  I get the strongest signal near the long trace between the two

> Freq inputs to U4 and U9, the two phased-locked loops.


> 73,


> Juan




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