[eagle] 10.7 MHz Spur

Juan Rivera juan-rivera at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jun 30 07:22:04 PDT 2007


I found the source of the 10.7 MHz spur.  It's being generated inside the
receiver itself.  This is the first spur I have found that is not caused by
switching power supplies.

The origin appears to be in the 10 MHz reference area.  I turned off and
unplugged the SDR-IQ and fed the IF output from the 70 cm Receiver to my
TS-2000.  The spur is still there.

Next I connected the RF input to my sniffer loop and moved it around the PCB
surface.  I get the strongest signal near the long trace between the two
Freq inputs to U4 and U9, the two phased-locked loops.



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