[eagle] Re: 70 cm Receiver IF Spurs - Problem Solved

Louis McFadin w5did at amsat.org
Fri Jun 29 19:31:22 PDT 2007

I have been watching the correspondence about noise on the power buss  
with great interest. I am waiting to see if a noise specification  
comes out of this. I can tell you that the power buss will probably  
be noisy at least to your standards. The latest plan would have lot's  
of capacitance on the buss (many Farads) but of course that would not  
help with the high frequency noise. I have been noting the discussion  
about noise from the inductors and that will be taken into account in  
the design. In other words we will probably shield all the inductors  
as best we can and have  EMI shielded Power converters. The plan  
calls for a distributed system where there will be many small  
converters and not just one or two big ones.

We plan to have many max power point converters mounted near the  
solar panels and then many cell voltage to buss converters located  
where the battery and super capacitors are placed. They are not  
planed to be synchronized so the frequencies will vary based on load.
In other words modules should build in as much noise immunity as  

Lou McFadin
w5did at mac.com

On Jun 29, 2007, at 6:27 PM, Juan Rivera wrote:

> I mistyped that last one.  I meant, "Did you EVER receive a reply"  
> not, "Did
> you EVEN receive a reply."
> Juan
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> Hello Juan!
>> Did you receive a reply from Lou?
> Not that I noticed, but when I was on the road the last several weeks
> it's possible something fell through the cracks.  I would have  
> expected
> it to come to the group, though.
> Lyle
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