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Wed Jun 27 06:39:00 PDT 2007

Jim, Dan:

I am sending this message from a community computer in my residence at 
the Mayflower Retirement Community. My computer died at 5yr 6days of 
age, just six days beyond any warrantee. I considered the decease as a 
terminal matter. Consequently, I have removed all removable elements, 
of drives and memory, and have ordered a new Dell Work Station 
computer. This new computer will be fully functional for operating the 
CAD and analytic software that is in my care. The new CPU will be a 
Dual-Core Intel Xenon 2.66GHz and the memory will be upgraded to 4GB 
from the 2GB that I had been running. This machine, too, is an 
expensive box. I do not expect the delivery until late July and it will 
take me at least a week to get all software loaded and operational. As 
a result, I will not have access to doing a paper for the symposium 
until that time.

Jim, I had done a multi-page note on the modular heat sink issue for 
the URx and had hoped to convert that to a paper. If you have a copy of 
that document, please feel free to use it as you see fit.

Dick, KD1K

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From: Jim Sanford <wb4gcs at amsat.org>
Date: Tuesday, June 26, 2007 10:19 am
Subject: [eagle]  Symposium -- call for papers and misc Eagle issues
To: EAGLE <eagle at amsat.org>, Daniel Schultz <n8fgv at usa.net>

> Team:
> The second call for Symposium papers has been issued.
> As I said a while back, it is EXTREMELY important that Eagle have 
> a lot 
> to say and show at Symposium.  Each TEAM should publish SOMETHING. 
> I'd 
> prefer team leads to present, but anyone on the team is fine with 
> me.  
> Or, if you have something to present, but can't make it, I'll do 
> it, or 
> get someone to.  (This is a last resort, I want the presentations 
> to be 
> about what YOU are doing, not me.  But I'd rather get the info 
> out....)
> Please get your abstracts in to Dan NOW, so he can start planning. 
> To 
> that end, Tom Clark, has agreed to write, have peer reviewed and 
> IN THE PROCEEDINGS the collected thoughts regarding phased array.  
> (Thanks, Tom!!!)
> Other specifics:
> We have advertised the ACP as a key part of Eagle, the PRIMARY 
> payload 
> in the eyes of some.  Yet, we've said little about it, since 
> publishing 
> the minutes of the San Diego meeting, which was held a year ago.  
> Now is 
> the time.  We need to say a LOT about ACP:  modulation schemes, 
> digital 
> protocols, multiplexing techniques, link budgets (in terms of how 
> many 
> watts I need on uplink, how big an antenna, and how good a preamp) 
> etc.  
> Yes, much of that can be gleaned from the SD meeting, but much is 
> not 
> yet defined.  It's time to define it, and publish what is at least 
> our 
> current thinking.  At least one ACP presentation needs to be for 
> the 
> general user, who is not a digital communications geek.  We need 
> to 
> convince him what ACP will do, the benefits to HIM, and why he 
> should 
> buy the equipment when we make it available.  Think of this one as 
> a 
> sales pitch.  THIS IS IMPORTANT.
> Similarly, we need to publish some RESULTS from the power system 
> experiments.
> Juan Rivera has agreed to something on all the efforts and results 
> of 
> the project Oscar team with the U-band RX.  Juan, you and I have 
> corresponded about which topic, I sent you suggestions, please 
> choos and 
> send in the abstract soonest.  Writing the paper can come as it 
> evolves.
> etc. etc.
> Guys, this is important, please make the commitment and take a few 
> minutes to do the abstract.  Dan needs it for planning, and Patti 
> and 
> Kevin need it for purposes of marketing Symposium.  They are 
> working 
> hard on local educational connections, but that can only go so far 
> without at least a list of content.
> Other:
> I apologize for my low profile lately.  The last two weeks have 
> been 
> brutal at work, included a long trip to VA (spoke at a retirement, 
> went 
> to a wedding, and happened to be in town when my grandson was born 
> 5 
> weeks early), a 27 hour power outage (now have a 5500 watt 
> generator) 
> and I did take time out for Field Day.  I'm going to continue to 
> be low 
> profile, as I leave in an hour or so for a meeting in DC which 
> will be 
> gruelling.  Back here Sunday, probably a day or so to recover, 
> then back 
> in the saddle.  Despite all this, I have managed to provide 
> answers Juan 
> needed to continue working, and have corresponded with a couple of 
> others.
> Thanks for all your efforts.  We are a few short months from 
> Symposium, 
> please make the push.to publish.  This is an opportunity we must 
> fully 
> exploit.
> Thanks & 73,
> Jim
> wb4gcs at amsta.org
> PS  Grandson is fine, just tiny.  He may even leave hospital this 
> week.  
> A few photos at www.wb4gcs.org
> jas
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