[eagle] Symposium -- call for papers and misc Eagle issues

Jim Sanford wb4gcs at amsat.org
Tue Jun 26 07:18:58 PDT 2007

The second call for Symposium papers has been issued.

As I said a while back, it is EXTREMELY important that Eagle have a lot 
to say and show at Symposium.  Each TEAM should publish SOMETHING.  I'd 
prefer team leads to present, but anyone on the team is fine with me.  
Or, if you have something to present, but can't make it, I'll do it, or 
get someone to.  (This is a last resort, I want the presentations to be 
about what YOU are doing, not me.  But I'd rather get the info out....)

Please get your abstracts in to Dan NOW, so he can start planning.  To 
that end, Tom Clark, has agreed to write, have peer reviewed and PUBLISH 
IN THE PROCEEDINGS the collected thoughts regarding phased array.  
(Thanks, Tom!!!)

Other specifics:
We have advertised the ACP as a key part of Eagle, the PRIMARY payload 
in the eyes of some.  Yet, we've said little about it, since publishing 
the minutes of the San Diego meeting, which was held a year ago.  Now is 
the time.  We need to say a LOT about ACP:  modulation schemes, digital 
protocols, multiplexing techniques, link budgets (in terms of how many 
watts I need on uplink, how big an antenna, and how good a preamp) etc.  
Yes, much of that can be gleaned from the SD meeting, but much is not 
yet defined.  It's time to define it, and publish what is at least our 
current thinking.  At least one ACP presentation needs to be for the 
general user, who is not a digital communications geek.  We need to 
convince him what ACP will do, the benefits to HIM, and why he should 
buy the equipment when we make it available.  Think of this one as a 
sales pitch.  THIS IS IMPORTANT.

Similarly, we need to publish some RESULTS from the power system 

Juan Rivera has agreed to something on all the efforts and results of 
the project Oscar team with the U-band RX.  Juan, you and I have 
corresponded about which topic, I sent you suggestions, please choos and 
send in the abstract soonest.  Writing the paper can come as it evolves.

etc. etc.

Guys, this is important, please make the commitment and take a few 
minutes to do the abstract.  Dan needs it for planning, and Patti and 
Kevin need it for purposes of marketing Symposium.  They are working 
hard on local educational connections, but that can only go so far 
without at least a list of content.

I apologize for my low profile lately.  The last two weeks have been 
brutal at work, included a long trip to VA (spoke at a retirement, went 
to a wedding, and happened to be in town when my grandson was born 5 
weeks early), a 27 hour power outage (now have a 5500 watt generator) 
and I did take time out for Field Day.  I'm going to continue to be low 
profile, as I leave in an hour or so for a meeting in DC which will be 
gruelling.  Back here Sunday, probably a day or so to recover, then back 
in the saddle.  Despite all this, I have managed to provide answers Juan 
needed to continue working, and have corresponded with a couple of others.

Thanks for all your efforts.  We are a few short months from Symposium, 
please make the push.to publish.  This is an opportunity we must fully 

Thanks & 73,
wb4gcs at amsta.org

PS  Grandson is fine, just tiny.  He may even leave hospital this week.  
A few photos at www.wb4gcs.org


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