[eagle] Re: Jim's Phase Noise Number!!

John B. Stephensen kd6ozh at comcast.net
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The high-capacitance ceramic capacitors are very useful for switching 
regulators and for general bypassing. They're actually less expensive than 
tantalum electrolytics in most cases. Consequently, there are no tantalum 
capacitors in the 70 cm receiver.

NP0 capacitors are probably OK, but a 0.01 uF capacitor in an 0603 size 
appears to be much more microphonic than the larger leaded version. I used 
plastic film capacitors in the PLL integrators but should have used them 
everywhere in the feedback loops. Unfortunately, they are going to be larger 
than the ceramic capacitors.



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>> My advice is to choose the technology that best suits your needs.  They
>> both work and we have a lot of success with both of them when we take
>> precautions as described above.
> I don't know how they do in space, but you can now get very large
> ceramic caps -- like 22uF in a 1206 package.
> Matt
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