[eagle] TeamSpeak conference for 12 June 2007

Jim Sanford wb4gcs at amsat.org
Mon Jun 11 19:08:36 PDT 2007

For some reason, although I can edit the EaglePedia page of team speak 
conferences to include the agenda for tomorrow night, when I save the 
changes, they don't take.  (Dave Hartzell, please help!  Additional 
request for improvement sepcor.)

It's time to resurrect the monthly TeamSpeak conferences.  I know why we 
missed May, I don't remember missing April..  The conference will be 
tomorrow night, 12 June 2007, at 2100 EDT, 1800 PDT, and 0100 ZULU.

Therefore, here's my proposed agenda for tomorrow night:

1.  UHF RX update -- Juan Rivera
2.  S2 RX update -- Bill Ress
3.  AMSAT Symposium planning -- me
4.  Work Breakdown Structure -- Gould Smith and me.
5.  (If present) V-band TX, Marc Franco
6.  (If present) SDX, N4HY
7.  (If present) ACP, N2MJI/K3IO
8.  Whatever ELSE you want to discuss.

Thanks & 73,
wb4gcs at amsat.org

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