[eagle] 2007 Symposium -- call for papers

Jim Sanford wb4gcs at amsat.org
Sun Jun 10 18:40:51 PDT 2007

The first call for papers for the 2007 AMSAT Symposium has gone out, the 
second will go out shortly.

Here's how I see it:

This is a BIG year for Eagle.  We need to have much to say and 
demonstrate.  I expect to demonstrate:
    anything else that comes together.

I expect to see presentations from each and every team lead.  We need to 
show the membership what we're DOING and reap the benefits therefrom 
(hint, hint).
Specifically, I think we should present papers on:

    Project management and status (I am willing to present 45 minutes; 
I'd much rather talk for 45 SECONDS outlining what YOU will present -- 
you're doing the work!)
    The LAB (with LOTS of photos!)
    Structure redesign
    Power systems
    Orbit analysis/prediction/control
    Propulsion requirements

I'd like to see each of you submit an abstract in the next week or so, 
and then a paper.  If you can't be present to personally present the 
paper, let's get it published anyway, and give me the chance to find 
someone to present it for you.

Matt, Phil, Bob:  We REALLY need to publish something about the ACP.  
The last public pronouncement is the minutes of the San Diego meeting 
almost a year ago.   Yet, the ACP is a (to some, THE) major Eagle 
payload.  But all we've published is some musings on the phased array 
antennas.  Matt, you talked about a "generic" digital package at 
Portland, it's time to at least articulate the things we're thinking about.

Eagle should dominate the Symposium to the point that the ultimate 
arbiters of presentations say, "Enough!!"

If you have questions or need guidance, please contact me.

Again, it is very important that the Eagle team have a large presence at 
Symposium this year.  Some would say it's not necessary, since we're on 
EaglePedia.  I disagree:
    decades ago, in a Public Speaking course, I learned that, "You've 
got to tell them, and tell them, and tell them again.)
    days ago, in a recruiting/retention seminar, a marketing expert told 
me that you've got to tell them SEVEN, I say again, SEVEN, times.  
EaglePedia is only one.

So, let's think about what we're doing, what we're planning to do, and 
what we've accomplished.  Then let's write it down.

By the way, much of what I have in mind here is information you need to 
send me anyway for my update to the Board of Directors, so this really 
isn't that hard.  Please prepare something.

Submit abstracts to Dan Schultz, and copy to me so I know what to expect.

Thanks & 73,
wb4gcs at amsat.org


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