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Yes, I removed the input and output filters from that stage and I'm feeding
its load with an external power supply.





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Did you also DISABLE the switcher?  If not, it may still be making noise,
either radiated, or coupled through grounds as someone else has suggested.

Thanks for all the work on this.

Juan's reference to the data sheet generates a wild thought:  At your
convenience, could you produce a document consisting of links to the data
sheets on the active components?  We could then add that to the receiver
page on EaglePedia and have ONE entry point to all information on this
receiver.  Obviously not urgent. . . .

Thanks & 73,

Juan Rivera wrote:



I've bypassed U17, the 10 volt step-down converter, in an effort to isolate
the cause of the spurs in the IF output.  I've also started a new log.  You
can jump there by clicking
m>  here, or go to the AMSAT 70 cm receiver page and click on Spur
Troubleshooting under Project Status.








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