[eagle] Eagle model

Robert McGwier rwmcgwier at gmail.com
Sun May 6 16:06:08 PDT 2007

Yesterday at Space Day at the Air and Space Museum (D.C.) , Bob Davis 
revealed the Eagle structure 1/2 scale model.   I will put up pictures 
later to give everyone a look.  It is a very nice look.

I have neglected to post my remarks on Dick Jansson's module designs.  I 
have had a regular module and a cut away of the heat sink module.  This 
is very fine work.  My final remarks on the work will await Bob Davis 
and Jim Sanford and I looking at this together.  But at this time, I see 
no reason at this time for us not to accept these modules and to thank 
Dick for his fine work.  Bob Davis has the modules now.

Next,  we are doing more detailed work on the energy requirements of the 
spacecraft.  We have very short periods of eclipses and while the angled 
arrays do a great job of mitigating off pointing angle, NOTHING can 
mitigate no sun at all!  Given the amount of energy storage required to 
live through these eclipses, it is my OPINION that we are going to have 
to compromise on the periods of eclipse and TURN SOMETHING OFF.  The 
amount of solar panel and battery storage required to keep everything 
alive through these eclipses, upon more detailed study,  seems 
exhorbitant in terms of cost, weight, etc.  Lou, Bob Davis, and I have 
discussed this and Lou and Bob both have very nice study tools.  We need 
to write up a report on this for everyone to take into account.

Juan Rivera and company have made great progress on the Stephensen 70cm 
RX recently.  They are really doing a fantastic job.  More will follow 
from them but it is good news.  We will be doing dynamics testing, noise 
testing, etc. soon!


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