[eagle] Re: Eagle 10 MHz Clock

Lyle Johnson kk7p at wavecable.com
Wed Apr 11 11:04:26 PDT 2007

Hello Bill!

> I agree with you fully about the frequency agility issue. If it's not 
> needed for a mission function, then it could be more of headache than a 
> feature. But then some of the receivers on AO-51 are agile and I'm not 
> aware of any issues.

AO-51 has 4 crystal-controlled (i.e., not using PLL synthesizer in the 
L.O.) receivers, and one frequency-agile receiver.  The frequency agile 
receiver was a mission requirement.

All of the receivers can be used for command operation, but the 
frequency agile one is so wired because it was "free" - no mass or 
complexity penalty.  That is because the flight computer has 6 
demodulators built in, and a total of five receivers on the spacecraft. 
  It is not intended for use in an emergency recovery scenario.


Lyle KK7P

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