[eagle] Major Eagle events

Jim Sanford wb4gcs at amsat.org
Sat Mar 31 08:54:05 PST 2007

I send this separate note to advise you of some major developments with 
Eagle.  Many of you are already aware of them, but in case I missed 
someone, I send this separate update.

Two nights ago, I authorized expenditure of funds for purchase of 
components and construction of four prototypes of the UHF receiver 
designed by John Stephenson, KD6OZH. 
The boards will be distributed as follows:
    one to Juan Rivera, WA6HTP, for Acceptance Testing followed by 
limited vacuum and thermal testing
    one to be demonstrated at Dayton
    one to the SDX folks for their development
    one to be put through the ATP either here by me, or wherever anyone 
else wants to evaluate.  This will then become available as needed for 
demonstrations or SDX development

Events leading to this decision:
    Design by John and Peer review
    Development of ATP by Juan and peer review
    Assembly of a procurement, construction, and test team of Project 
Oscar members under Juan's leadership
    PCBoard layout by John.  Peer review of schematic to board 
correlation in progress
    Development of costed Bill of Materials (BOM) by the Project Oscar 
team.  This was a LOT of work, and actually resulted in some tweaks to 
design and component selection
    Peer review of the BOM in progress

I have authorized $4100 for this effort.  A small fraction of this cost 
includes consumables for surface mount construction and some assembly 
tools which will become AMSAT property and will be used again.  AMSAT 
costs were reduced by a significant amount of "scrounging."

I submitted some of this information for publication in ANS, but don't 
yet know if I was ahead of the deadline or not..  If I was late, I hope 
it will appear next week.

This seems to me a huge step.  We have completed one design cycle on one 
component and are now about to transition, for that one component, from 
the concept exploration/definition phase into construction of hardware.  
Prototype hardware, yes, but we will soon have some real test results 
and something real to show.  The short list above belies a whole lot of 
work by a whole lot of folks, alll of whom I thank.  Many of you 
participated in the earlier reviews of John's design and Juan's ATP.  
The near-frantic effort over the last few weeks by John and the Project 
Oscar folks (many of whom I'm just getting to know through various 
emails and echolink conferences) has been intense.

As we progress with procurement and construction, I will receive and 
share progress updates as major milestones are met.

The documents mentioned above are not all on EaglePedia yet, but will 
be.  In particular, one unexpected fallout of the recent efforts is a 
BOM which may be a good template for other teams to use.  It certainly 
made it easy for me to see and understand, "how many, how much?"

Thank you all.

Very 73,
wb4gcs at amsat.org

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