[eagle] Re: TeamSpeak ports

Jim Sanford wb4gcs at amsat.org
Wed Feb 14 17:38:35 PST 2007

I agree with Phil's assessment.  When I was using dialup, the only 
problems were Earthlinks unreliability (modems stay connected, but 
movement of packets stops, requiring disconnect/reconnect) and if I 
babbled for a LOOONG time, I was reported to be "chopped up" -o- my 
guess is some buffer was overflowing ungracefully.


Phil Karn wrote:

>John B. Stephensen wrote:
>>What ports does TeamSpeak require other than 8767 for UDP and 9274 for TCP?
>My observation, using TeamSpeex on the Mac, is that TeamSpeak uses only 
>UDP. The UDP source port is 9274, the destination port is 8478, and all 
>the packets come from, ts1.teamspeakhost.com.
>There are 123 data bytes in each UDP packet, and they come 10 per 
>second. That's net rate of 9840 bits/sec. With IP and UDP overhead, 
>that's 151 bytes/packet or 12,080 bits/sec, which still fits nicely in a 
>dialup modem.
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