[eagle] Proposed Eagle Antenna Arrays

Louis McFadin w5did at amsat.org
Tue Feb 13 19:19:48 PST 2007

This is a repeat of the earlier e-mail.

Here is a proposal for arranging the Eagle antennas that Stan Wood  
and I worked out today.
By moving the 2M dipoles to the corners we have sufficient room for  
full sized elements over the ground plane. The 2M antennas should get  
about 8dB.

Three L band patches in cavities should give us greater than 12 dB gain.
By putting the S1,S2 and C band patches in hex shaped cups we  
maximize the available space. The cup arrays can be NC machined out  
of a solid blank and therefore attain precise control of the spacing.  
It may also serve as heat a radiating device. Each patch will be  
circular polarized and fed with a single feed from it's matching  

The 70 CM Circular polarized patch should have around 6 dB gain.  We  
will look at getting more gain on 70 cm.   Seven S1 patches will be  
mounted on top the 70CM patch. They should get about 15dB gain.

Tom's S2 interferometric patches are included.

Omni antennas similar to that used on P3D will be required on the  
opposite side of the spacecraft.

There should also be room for the Sun Sensors on both sides of the  

Lou McFadin
w5did at mac.com

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Lou McFadin
w5did at mac.com

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