[eagle] High Efficiency RF Amplifier Documents on Eaglepedia

Tom Clark, K3IO K3IO at verizon.net
Tue Feb 13 19:13:14 PST 2007

All: A few weeks ago I posted a couple of Univ of Colorado PhD theses in the files area on Eaglepedia that you might find of interest. The titles are "SWITCHED-MODE MICROWAVE CIRCUITS FOR HIGH-EFFICIENCY TRANSMITTERS" and "ROBUST DESIGN METHODOLOGY FOR CLASS-E AMPLIFIERS FOR MICROWAVE APPLICATIONS". 

I have a 3rd thesis that also looks of interest (entitled "BROAD BAND ANTENNA ARRAYS AND NOISE COUPLING FOR RADIO ASTRONOMY", but it's 54MB size causes Eaglepedia to barf on upload. Sometime, we need to figure a way to post BIG documents. 

Regards, Tom

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