[eagle] Re: TeamSpeak conference for Tuesday 16 Jan

Rick Hambly (W2GPS) w2gps at cnssys.com
Tue Jan 16 10:57:13 PST 2007


I was asked to inform the Eagle team that the meeting scheduled for tonight,
Tuesday 16 Jan, has been cancelled due to a conflict with a last minute
AMSAT Board meeting that will overlap the time for this meeting. Jim will
reschedule this meeting soon.

AMSAT President

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I'm sending this out by email because I'm having some difficulties with 
the TS page on EaglePedia.

Things I'd like to discuss:
    70cm RX status
    How many prototypes to build
    Goals for 2007
    My partial goals are:
       Prototype 70cm RX and 2m TX
       Demonstrate above, with some form of SDX prototype
       Demonstrate prototype IHU-3 and CAN widgets
       Structure design and model
       Refine microwave phased array plans
       Peer review, test, demonstrate text messaging
       Begin development of integration plan and composite test plan
       Develop Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) leading to a preliminary 
development/construction schedule

The last item is clearly mine; Gould has been helping me on the WBS.  
Obviously, once I've laid it out, I'll need your comments and then some 
schedule estimates.  I think that we are now at the point where it's 
time to define a schedule of what is reasonably achievable so that we 
can begin to make construction/integration/launch plans.

Please add to the goals; this is just my first cut. 

Please also add to topics. 

I've asked for help on my issue with EP; will advise as soon as the 
agenda is posted there.

Thanks & 73,
wb4gcs at amsat.org

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