[eagle] Re: A wild thought

Bill Ress bill at hsmicrowave.com
Mon Jan 1 22:20:54 PST 2007


I think your idea has very positive merit but consider this as a follow 
up to Alan's comments.

More than likely each key project to be peer reviewed will likely 
require a different set of technical skills. For example, the IHU will 
have a different set of technical skill requirements than the C band 
downlink transmitter. So consider this.

When you solicit volunteers from the membership include a call for "all" 

Then select from this pool a new "at large peer review member" whose 
technical skills best fit the project being reviewed and so one for each 
project being reviewed. This way you get the best technical fit possible 
and you involve as many members as you have peer reviews.

Downside - Jim, you take on another administrative task as project 
manager but if your willing I think the idea will draw from the 
technical wealth our membership has to offer and in the process you're 
likely to identify folks you'd like to have join the Eagle design team.

Sounds like your getting your creative thought juices flowing as we 
start a new year. Way to go!

Regards and Happy New Year (to all Eagle team members),
Bill - N6GHz

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