[amsat-florida] More gear for sale

Andrew Glasbrenner glasbrenner at mindspring.com
Sun Nov 14 10:25:38 PST 2010

I'm still clearing out some excess gear.


MFJ 462B Multi-reader RTTY, ASCII, CW, AMTOR decoder and display, lists 
at HRO for $199, yours for $60

MFJ 452 Keyboard CW keyer with display lists at $159, yours for $50

Heathkit IP 5220 Bench Variac, perfect for working on older tube gear. 
The case is a little banged up but works fine. $100


MFJ 962B legal limit tuner. Needs new inductor switch, available from 
MFJ parts catalog. $40

Icom SP20 speaker and audio filters, dual inputs. Lists at HRO for $239, 
yours for $100.


CB style Power/SWR meters $10 each

Pickup in NPR or Tampa, or will ship for actual cost. Shipping normally 
takes me a few days to do. Paypal accepted. Will entertain trades; 
looking for VHF/UHF gear, G5500 control box, new LMR coax, 10m all mode 
(no quasi CBs), 222 Mhz yagi or gear, or ?

73, and thanks for the bandwidth,
Drew KO4MA

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