[amsat-florida] Re: Gear for sale (updated)

Andrew Glasbrenner glasbrenner at mindspring.com
Mon Sep 20 10:48:25 PDT 2010

  Updated with sold items removed, some prices lowered, and I will 
include a nice MFJ power/SWR meter with the first HF rig sold.

On 9/12/2010 12:33 PM, Andrew Glasbrenner wrote:
>  Gentlemen,
> I have some radios that need to find new homes. All would make 
> excellent starter rigs or backup rigs, or for those who dislike menu 
> driven radios. None of the HF rigs or the handheld uses any form of a 
> menu.
> Icom IC-735 HF transceiver 160-10m. This is a very well rated radio, 
> and even has a transverter port built in. It is good cosmetically for 
> it's age, with a few scratches and tape/label residue in spots. It has 
> the manual and little plastic door, although it is scratched from 
> label removal. I do not have a mike, but did make contacts using my 
> IC-910 mike, and it works fine. Notch and IF shift works very well on 
> this radio. $325
> Kenwood TS-140 HF transceiver 160-10m. This radio is in a little 
> better shape than the 735, but doesn't have quite all the bells and 
> whistles. However, personally I like the bigger S meter and 
> fluorescent frequency display better. It is also slightly larger and 
> has in my opinion easier to use controls. MC80 desk mike included for 
> $325. Manual also included.
> Alinco DJ-120 2m handheld. This is a really simple 2m HT, with a 
> freshly rebuilt battery pack, DTMF, and subtone encode via dip 
> switches on the back panel. This would make a good beginner's radio, a 
> second radio to work the FM satellites full duplex, or one to toss in 
> a Ziploc bag for the canoe or bicycle when you don't want to risk your 
> $400 VX-8 or IC-92. No charger included as I've been charging off the 
> 13.8v input on the battery pack. $50
> You may need a power supply to go with the above radios. I have 
> available:
> Astron VS-35M 35 amp linear supply with voltage and amperage meters 
> and adjustments. The voltage adjustment is a bit jumpy and might need 
> a squirt in the potentiometer. This would make a nice power supply for 
> the workbench as well as running your radios. $100, or $80 when 
> combined with one of the HF rigs.
> Pyramid 35A linear supply, smaller but less polished than the Astron. 
> It is also metered but they are pretty small. It has a replacement 
> knob on the voltage adjustment. $80, or $60 when combined with one of 
> the HF rigs.
> Trades and offers will of course be considered (especially VHF+ gear). 
> Email is the best way to communicate, although it may take me a day to 
> answer sometimes. Pictures available by request. Thanks for the 
> bandwidth.
> 73, Drew KO4MA

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