[amsat-florida] Amateur Equipment for sale

E H n2hwh at msn.com
Thu Feb 4 23:43:18 PST 2010


Below is a
list of amateur equipment 

that I
have for sale.

I had
every intention of going to the TARC fest, but my health prevented that,  however I am feeling a lot better this week,
and hope to continue to do so.

FT-290R Mark II  2 meter FM / SSB

25 watt /
1watt Mobile Transceiver  in pristine
condition.  Considering its age. 

Comes with

hand microphone, 

Power cord,

(Anderson power
poles attached) 

owner’s manual,
mobile mounting bracket 

was used mobile)

is mounted to metal cabinet of a palstar external speaker

MFJ “long
john” 2 meter ½ wave telescoping

Yaesu Encode
tone board 

dip switches>

9 “C” Cell
Battery Box

Original cigarette
lighter power cord



Other items

10 amp pyramid
linear power supply $60.00

meter/440 elk antenna 

(5 element
24”boom) “n”connector  $100.00

Never used,
look up specs at www.elkantennas.com


If power
supply and elk antenna are needed,

Price will
be $525.00 for the package

If package
is taken I will throw in a set of gmrs  handie talkies and a 1956 ARRL radio handbook,

Thanks for
taking the time to read this

If interested
please e-mail me first

I live in
lutz off of Livingston ave.


Edward Hildebrand


Herb from
tarc can vouch for me


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