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David H. Jordan n4csitwo at bellsouth.net
Thu Aug 13 15:54:38 PDT 2009

I'm still very reluctant about firing up my computer not to mention my solidI-state rigs under the current conditions myself. 

According to the 6:45 image of east Orange Co., not much has changed in the last hour. 
If there is any improvement as we approach net time, I'll try to hold it

To answer your question, the net is held at 19:30ET on the 443.1 Mhz K4ZPZ repeater here in Orlando. It is also available over the echolink station KG4YZY-R  node 4429. 

Dave, AA4KN

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It's 7:30 on what frequency?  I have my JPole now and it's cleared up by 
my place pretty much.


David H. Jordan wrote:
> I'm currently experiencing a wicked weather pattern with a lot of lightening. I don't know if it will cease by net time, so  I can't promise I'll be there this evening. Can anyone fill the spot tonight? I'll do my best to cover by net time if weather permits.
> Dave, AA4KN
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