[amsat-florida] KSC Balloon Launch Friday

Lee McLamb ku4os at cfl.rr.com
Wed Jul 15 05:38:06 PDT 2009

A student high altitude balloon launch from Kennedy Space Center (KSC) is
scheduled to fly with an new amateur radio communications payload on 17 July
2009.  Release is planned to occur at 1330 UTC.  The new payload features S-
Band and 2m downlinks developed by AMSAT volunteers working together with 
educators from the Florida Space Grant Consortium and Florida Space Institute.

The 2m downlink will be transmitting APRS formatted position and telemetry 
data. The S-band downlink will be transmitting FM video from an onboard 
camera.  In addition the audio channel of the S-band downlink will have the 
same AFSK being sent on 2m.

As the balloon rises at 1000 feet per minute, eventually approaching an 
altitude near 100,000 feet, most of the State of Florida will be within the 
footprint and the anticipated views from the edge of space are expected to be 
spectacular.  It is also expected that most stations within the footprint, 
especially those with modest gain antennas, will be able to copy the 2m 
downlink fairly easily.

The downlink details are as follows:

2m:  144.990 MHz, 300 mW, 1200 baud AFSK/APRS/Telemetry
12cm:  2413 MHz, 1w, FM NTSC video, 1200 baud AFSK audio

The launch site is located at 28 31.45N, 80 40.97W



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