[amsat-florida] Upcoming Hamfests

Andrew Glasbrenner glasbrenner at mindspring.com
Sat Nov 8 08:00:38 PST 2008

Hi Guys,

As you know, winter is hamfest time in Florida. I want to continue the AMSAT 
tradition of a strong showing at our local hamfests, which helps us by 
generating interest in the satellites and new members for AMSAT. We have the 
best cadre of Area Coordinators and active members in the nation here, and I 
want to thank you for all your past help. Let's take a look at the upcoming 
hamfests and get a plan together for who's going to do what.

We have coming up soon:

Okeechobee Hamfest in the Woods 11/29,  Robert I think did this one last 

The Tampa Bay Hamfest 12/6-7, this is one of the bigger ones. I know several 
have mentioned they would be there. I plan on having a portable station 
there as well. This would be a good one for new folks to get involved with, 
because it can be busy, but you'll usually have more than one person to 

Ocala Hamfest 12/13 Dave mentioned he'd be there. I should be available, 
although I may have my in-laws in tow...might send them off to Silver 
Springs during the 'fest.

Ft. Myers 1/17 Robert and I usually do this one together, but I -might- have 
a problem this year. AJ4LU and I are planning to do a limited rover entry in 
the VHF contest, which starts that afternoon. I'm not sure if I can swing 

Desoto 1/31 Robert has done this one in the past I think...

Highlands 2/7 Went once I think and it was tiny...

Orlando 2/13-15 EVERYONE needs to be at this one if possible. Last year it 
was the best hamfest for AMSAT other than Dayton, and we were drowning at 
times. Let's start planning what we can do special for this, and if we can 
get the trailer setup again Dave?

Enough for now...please let us know if you can come out and help.

73, Drew KO4MA

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