[amsat-florida] ISS SSTV

David J n4csitwo at bellsouth.net
Wed Oct 15 21:56:25 PDT 2008

For those that may not know yet, Richard Garriot, son of astronaut Owen Garriot, is our latest space tourist and ham in space. He is carrying out SSTV transmissions onboard the ISS and will continue this for several more days (we hope). I have been busy monitoring 145.800 MHz and downloading as much as possible. One of my best is posted at http://www.amsat.com/ARISS_SSTV along with many more that are much better. Mine was received on a Texas Potato Masher antenna using MMSSTV software. At minimum, all you need is a 2 Meter FM rig (HTs work fine) tuned to 145.800 MHz, ground plane antenna (probably just a rubber duck would work although I haven't try it yet), and a computer loaded with SSTV software (several varieties are available for free on the internet. Also, this is a great opportunity to share ham radio in a classroom environment, but you only have a short time.


Dave, AA4KN

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