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David J n4csitwo at bellsouth.net
Thu Apr 24 18:36:48 PDT 2008

Can anyone one help Ron and Don out by speaking to their group about AMSAT
and amateur satellites. I would do it, but I'm all the way over here in
Orlando and currently have my hands full with other ham activites. 

Dave, AA4KN

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No one has contacted me about a AMSAT presentation or talk at our club
meeting.  Don't know about Don, KA2KDP.

Don has followed sat comm and AMSAT for years.  I remember when the first
Ham sat went up, but at the time I had no 2 meter equipment.  Long time ago
before repeaters.

We would like someone who has recently operated with all the new things
AMSAT has been doing.

Please have someone contact me or Don.  I would assume it would be someone
local, in Pasco Co just north of Tampa.

Let us know.

73, ron, n9ee/r

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>Were you ever contacted by any one concerning your request? 
>Dave, AA4KN
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>Subject: [amsat-florida]  Seeking Amsat Speaker's for the Club -KA2KDP
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>  Hello.  I am Don Nystrom , KA2KDP.  I live in New Port Richey, FL. 34673
about 10 miles North of Tarpon Springs area, and about 10 miles South of the
Spring Hill area.  Our town is within the Tampa metropolis area.  I am the
Vice President of our radio club, the SunCoast Amateur Radio Club.  We are
seeking amateur satellite speakers for our club meetings.  Could you put me
in contact with some AMSAT members in our area, so that I might talk to them
about introducing us to the world of amateur satellites?
> Thanks very much.
>Don Nystrom, KA2KDP
>E-Mail: ka2kdp at amsat.org
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> 73
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Ron Wright, N9EE
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No tone, all are welcome.

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