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David J n4csitwo at bellsouth.net
Tue Apr 1 08:49:35 PST 2008


Thanks for your efforts in this. You are the 4th person I have encountered
that has had EXTREME difficulty in configuring for echolink. I am still one
of them myself. I finally gave up until I figure I have to use it for
something important. 
Let me look into this somemore and see if I can at least get my system
working with it and I'll let you know what I did to get it working. In the
meantime, I have forwarded this email to our AMSAT-FLORIDA list in hopes
that someone will answer as Scott did who might have another angle on this. 
I really hope we can find a solution so we can have you as a guest on the

I'll be in touch,

Dave, AA4KN

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David, thanks for the invitation to speak to the net. 
Scott, thanks for helping me try to configure
Echolink.  Unfortunately, I can't get Echolink to
work.  I've called my provider and followed the
instructions at portforwarding.com and echolink.org to
the best of my ability, but no success.

73, Bill NZ5N
--- Scott Schmautz <wb2uzr at gmail.com> wrote:

> This may help also?
> Scott/WB2UZR
> http://www.echolink.org/firewall-friendly.htm

You rock. That's why Blockbuster's offering you one month of Blockbuster
Total Access, No Cost.  

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