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I did see the ISS and Shuttle Last night along with the night before.  I havent seen the ATV yet. Will be looking tonight again. And also the Sonic Booms!! 
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Almost forgot about the Jules Verne. Shining like a 1st magnitude star, the European Space Agency's Jules Verne cargo carrier is flying 2000 km or 4 minutes ahead of the ISS. A little harder to see then the ISS but give it a shot around 20:16. Start looking in the SW direction, and reaching 52 degree elevation in the NW and setting at NNE. 

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With the wave off of the original 19:05 EDT Shuttle landing, the second opportunity is at 20:39 EDT. The flight path for the shuttle is now to cross central Florida just north of the Tampa Bay area, Orlando and then the Cape. With sunset at 19:46 EDT that means if you step out around 20:20 and look south west you'll get to see the ISS go by on a 52 degree elevation pass, followed shortly by the sonic booms of the shuttle.

Happy viewing... Keith N4ZQ

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