[amsat-florida] Ham stuff for sale

Andrew Glasbrenner glasbrenner at mindspring.com
Sun Jun 17 10:43:25 PDT 2007

I have a few ham related items for sale just in time for field day.

1) 2m Ringo Ranger antenna. Was originally a Ringo Ranger II, but it looks 
like the decoupling ring is missing. Will work fine without it as that was 
the original Ringo design, but might benefit from a choke at the feed point. 

2) Mosley ?Jr. tribander. 3 element 10/15/20m beam. Very light weight, I 
used a tv rotor to turn it. would be good for a FD beam, or for the guys 
with new HF privileges. Needs a few ubolts replaced that were borrowed for 
other projects. Might need the traps cleaned out too. $75

3) FT-530 Yaesu true dual bander. Great HT for the FM satellites, no menus, 
simple to use. Includes a battery voltage function, sub-band tuning for 
satellite, etc. This rig still demands a high price on the auction sites. I 
have also the drop in charger, and a good 12v 1000 mah battery (Kendoo 
brand, 1-2 yr old?). Pretty sure I have the manual too. $150

4) Kenwood TM-401A 70cm FM mobile, ~12 watts out (thats normal) and has a 
single freq tone board. Little bit rough looking. Would be good for 
monitoring a local repeater in your shop or office. Designed with no 
internal speaker, so you'll need any old speaker with a 1/8" plug. I've used 
this several times for doing the FL AMSAT net. $75

All items are OBO, and I might consider trades on a small switcher power 
supply, 20 amp or more, a 70 cm yagi, or a 220 FM rig?

73, Drew KO4MA 

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