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Andrew Glasbrenner glasbrenner at mindspring.com
Thu Apr 12 17:29:11 PDT 2007

Thanks Keith, I just got this myself and was looking to forward it on. 
Interesting about the CP4 modulation type...

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> CubeSat developers,
> This email is confirming that the Dnepr launch is still set for April 17,
> 2007 at 0646:35 UTC. The TLEs have been updated on our website, and we 
> plan
> on using the discussion board at http://polysat.calpoly.edu/irc/ to allow
> satellite trackers to discuss what's been found. We will also be posting
> updates from Kosmotras regarding the status of the launch as soon as we
> hear
> it on the website and the discussion boards.
> We are encouraging all participants with a groundstation to help track 
> CP4.
> CP4 will autonomously transmit a sensor snapshot once every two minutes
> while in orbit. This transmission will be on 437.325 MHz, at 1200bps FSK,
> using AX.25 packetized digital data. Please note that it is FSK, not AFSK,
> which will require you to set your radios to "single side band" (SSB)
> instead of "FM mode". This sensor snapshot is preceded by a six second CW
> preamble that can be decoded as the satellite's call sign. CP4's 
> autonomous
> beacon contains sensor data that can be used to determine satellite's
> health
> status. A program that can make sense of the binary data encoded in the
> AX.25 packets will be made available to community soon (probably
> through the
> PolySat website). The information in this beacon would be useful to us,
> along with the recorded receive signal strength, should any anomalies 
> occur
> early in our mission. We would like to encourage station operators to
> try to
> capture CP4's downlink and submit files to: polysat at gmail.com [or
> polysat at atl.calpoly.edu].
> Thank you all again for your participation,
> Lori Brooks
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