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Just a few ideas for this weekend.

Let's agree on a simplex frequency for our use? I like UHF and I think we 
all have that band, how about 446.200? 

.....FYI.. For anyone needing to contact me, I plan to be monitoring 443.100
on Friday until I reach the hamcation at which time I will switch to the
446.2 freq. .....

The forum is way out at the lakeside pavillion. We have 2 passes right at 
the end of the forum, so I'd like to have a demo out there for the 
attendees. I have a forum and demo schedule flyer created now, is there 
anyone who can run 50 or so copies off cheaply (like free at work) ? We also

need a few individuals who can hold down the booth during the forum. I 
normally do this myself, but I need to be out there this year.

..... I'll ensure the booth is covered during the Forum. .....

Bob McGwier N4HY will be down Saturday, and will probably have a working 
version of the SDR transponder with him. We need to be able to show this off

at the booth so we need some room and a rig, and maybe a PC to decode the 

..... I plan to bring my 2nd laptop anyway, so it will be available if

I will have my laptop and LCD monitor available for satpc32 demos. Does 
anyone remember if they had wifi there last year? I'll also have at the 
minimum my 817 and F6a so we can do SSB full duplex demos on both the sats 
and the SDX demos.

I will have a pricelist, a check off sheet for items sold, and a cashbox 
ready this year. Please mark off any items on the list. Remember to ask 
folks to join and support AMSAT. You never know until you ask and we need 
the members!

I have spoken to a lot of people...this is gonna be a big hamfest for us 
this year. So far the following AMSAT folks have said they will be there.

Drew KO4MA VP Ops
Lee KU4OS Exec VP
Bob N4HY VP Engineering, BOD member
Lou W5DID BOD member, ARISS lab manager
Barry WD4ASW BOD member
Ed WA4SWJ journal editor
Dave AA4KN Area Coordinator
Robert KI4HXT Area Coordinator
James W8ISS WSR editor
Jeff KB2M Area Coordinator
Larry K4OZS coordinator of recent ARISS contact at Romeo Elementary
Doug W4DAS recent convert to AMSAT I think!
Keith N4ZQ longtime AMSATer
N4HHA Mike host of the Orlando part of the Florida AMSAT net
maybe a group from the UF cubesat project
and I'm sure many others I've missed....and some that will probably be there

but I just haven't heard from like Dick WD4FAB and Stan WA4NFY

I'm excited as you can tell....let's make this one a big success for AMSAT

73, Drew KO4MA

I agree. Looks like we're in for a great weekend!
See you Friday.

Dave, AA4KN

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