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I perfectly understand the your deed restricted situation. I have the same
problem. We're glad to have you joining the net. You may want to consider
echolink if you can't remedy your signal problem. 

As far as the forum goes, we are designing a very interesting and
informative session. We are trying to schedule time to cover the recently
launched sats, suitsat-2, Eagle, and field as many questions as possible in
our 1.5 hour slot. I understand from the guy in charge that we will hold the
forum in the "southwest area". Be sure to stop by the AMSAT booth (this
year, near the main entrance) when you arrive and we will know more details
at that time on the exact location. Thanks for your interest. Looking
forward to meeting you at the Hamcation.


Dave, AA4KN

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First off, sorry about the poor signal into Thursday nights net. But 
living in a deed restricted area isn't helping my antenna situation. 
Will try to improve the antenna and do a better job next time.

How about posting the Orlando AMSAT Forum location and time so I can 
plan the day ahead of time. 

TNX  Keith N4ZQ

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