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Alex "Sandy" Antunes aantunes at capitol-college.edu
Fri Sep 13 08:56:45 PDT 2013

Hi Pat (Hi Samudra!)

We would love to have you visit!  We are hoping to get both more into  
AMSAT interaction (especially after we enjoyed your meeting last year  
held at the GSFC Visitor's Center).  We're also working to get more  
students interested in Ham radio in general.

We have a half dozen students either licensed (Technicans class) or  
working towards their license.  This Fall we hope to hold a foxhunt to  
stir up more interest, and we have several profs and alumns willing to  
mentor if we can start the spark among the students.

We don't yet work the hamsats, but as I said, we're getting there.   
Our 'VelcroSat' club is working on a CubeSat; right now mostly on  
payload, but we have CubeSat bus work going on as well.

For high altitude balloons, Prof. Angela Walters is the lead on that  
(and also our department chair!)  Bear in mind we're a teaching  
college, not a research institute, so everything is in the context of  
'what benefits the students most'.  In addition to our own low  
altitude balloon work, we're part of the MD Space Grant Consortium's  
Balloon Payload Program as well and just starting on teaming for high  
altitude work.

As far as visit times, let me know a few potential days/times and we  
can set it up.  Fridays are best for us (no classes), but if that's  
difficult we can toss some other schedules around.


Alex "Sandy" Antunes, Ph.D., KB3VNB
AE Faculty, aantunes at capitol-college.edu, 301-369-3615

Quoting Samudra Haque <samudra.haque at gmail.com>:

> Pat, our friend Dr. Sandy Antunes  is one of the key evangelists there.
> http://shop.oreilly.com/product/0636920021605.do, copied on this e-mail.
> //samudra N3RDX
> On Fri, Sep 13, 2013 at 10:14 AM, Kilroy, Patrick L. (GSFC-5680) <
> patrick.l.kilroy at nasa.gov> wrote:
>> Do you know any faculty or staff at
>> CAPITOL COLLEGE on Springfield Road in
>> Laurel, Maryland?
>> Please send me a contact name if you can.
>> I'd like to get a tour of their satellite
>> ground station ops area, ask if they also
>> work the hamsats from there, see what their
>> progress might be on a CubeSat (rumor?) and
>> meet whoever is the sponsor for their high-
>> altitude balloon experiment activities.
>> Maybe they would welcome a little AMSAT
>> influence??
>> Join me, too, for a visit if you wish.
>> Thanks,
>> Pat
>> n8pk at amsat.org
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