[amsat-dc] FW: PhoneSats Back on Earth

Kilroy, Patrick L. (GSFC-5680) patrick.l.kilroy at nasa.gov
Mon Apr 29 10:05:34 PDT 2013

Game Over.  ...  See their message below.

Did you hear any of the three over the seven days?

PhoneSats INFO page:

From: PhoneSat [contact at phonesat.org]
Sent: Sunday, April 28, 2013 5:22 PM
To: Kilroy, Patrick L. (GSFC-5680)
Subject: PhoneSats back on Earth

Dear PhoneSat followers,

Our orbital analysis indicates that the PhoneSats have deorbited on April 27 and have burned in Earths atmosphere as predicted. No one has been able to hear from the satellites since, which confirms the predictions.

The PhoneSat team is continuing to develop the PhoneSats using consumer technology to greatly increase the capability of the satellite whilst developing with a low cost - our next versions launching late this year so stay tuned.

Thank you again for your support in making this technology demonstration successful!

The PhoneSat team

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