[amsat-dc] ezcap SDR receiver and GNU Radio

David Bern David.Bern at engineer.com
Sun Mar 24 16:18:08 PDT 2013


At the AMSAT-DC Workshop on Saturday, March 23, 2013, Tom, K3IO and I 
demonstrated the ezcap $20 RTL-SDR SDR receiver USB dongle with GNU 
Radio.  The ezcap device can be purchased from


The January 2013 issue of QST discusses the ezcap USB dongle on pages 30 
to 35 in an article /Cheap and Easy SDR. /In addition, more information 
is at


At the Sunday Seminar of the 2012 Digital Communications Conference, a 
custom Ubuntu Linux DVD-ROM with GNU Radio pre-installed on it was 


The GNU Radio home page is at


A .grc file defines a GNU Radio configuration.  .grc files for narrow 
band FM and for wide band FM are at


These can be used to listen the weather radio or to an FM repeater and 
an FM broadcast station, respectively.  We need to thank my SDR and DSP 
guru Chris, KB3CS for providing these .grc files.

After you have booted the DVD-ROM, copy these .grc files to your 
desktop.  Then, double click on a .grc file and gnuradio-companion 
should start up with a dataflow diagram.  Click on the gray gears icon 
to execute the .grc file; be sure to increase the audio volume as 
necessary.  I will remove these files in two weeks to free up space in 
my Dropbox.

For those who have a Hermes SDR, Tom McDermott, N5EG has been working 
with GNU Radio for the Hermes SDR transceiver


I have not tried this yet, so I cannot comment on this.

David, W2LNX

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