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Pat Kilroy pat at patkilroy.com
Sun Mar 10 07:33:41 PDT 2013

Hi Mike, 

I don't know if you saw my reply on the 
amsat.org Web page last month. So, I must 
ask, did you get all the info that you 
needed yet? 

Basically, YES, this workshop is designed 
for you! 

We hope to draw the full range of experiences 
within AMSAT and on the college scene! 

The main emphasis this year is to help one 
develop his or her portable ground station, 
to graduate to the next level, from standing 
with HT and Arrow antenna in hand, to wares 
set up on a card table or picnic table. 

A premise of ours is that fewer Amateur Radio 
operators can install antennas above their 
roof these days. Where, at the same time, 
the equipment is getting smaller, lighter 
and higher in performance. All to our 
advantage. This picnic table approach 
makes sense and is very, very timely. 

Our new wave! 

Please plan to join us. Contact me any 
time in advance. Otherwise, . . . 

See you there! 

73 de Pat N8PK

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“AMSAT-DC Workshop on Portable Satellite Ground Stations”	
mike conte February 27, 2013 at 13:40I was a avid satelite user in the 1990′s with rs-12 and AO-10 and Ao-13 I have been out of the hobby since about 1998 wondering if it might be time to get back in. Would this work shop be for me or is it for more current or advanced operators. What is the main emphasis?
Thanks Mike Conte Ka2fpz (Advanced class operator) 

Pat Kilroy
pat at patkilroy.com

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