[amsat-dc] Coming Soon: AMSAT-DC Spring Workshop 2013

Kilroy, Patrick L. (GSFC-5680) patrick.l.kilroy at nasa.gov
Thu Mar 7 13:39:59 PST 2013

Dear fellow AMSAT members,

Please go to http://patkilroy.com/amsat-dc/
and read everything top to bottom.  

Then please let me know if you have any 
comments, questions, recommended edits or 
anything else before I send it off to be 
published in this weekend's ANS bulletins.  

This is our workshop.  Only a couple weekends 
away.  I hope you can attend.  


1. We are looking for someone to bring a UHF 
signal source for test purposes for the day, 
something more substantial than an FM handheld 
transceiver if possible.  A simple analog SSB 
transmitter in very low power mode looping a 
recorded voice message would work, and be pretty 
cool too. Takers, any one? Please contact me.  


3. We still need volunteers for this event.  The 
task list is quite similar to those of our previous 
seminars and workshops (see Archives).  This event 
is run by volunteers for volunteers.  For example, 
two AMSAT greeters are needed.  Also, a video person 
with lights, a video editor person, a food organizer, 
a Net Control Station for talk-in, go-fers, clean up 
crew for examples.  (I believe Art Feller is going to 
bring his nice big dSLR still camera and gear, so we 
are covered for publish-ready type still photos.)  

4. We need to get the word out.  Can you pass the 
word and the amsat-dc Web page URL to your club news-
letter or on a Net?  Talk it up on your repeater?  
Tell a college kid?  (YES!)  

Who knows how to get an event announced on Newsline?  
On the MDC section Web page and newsletter?  Please do!  

5. Have you registered through Martha yet?  (Please 
call her even if you only "might" make it: Unlike 
local hamfests where you can walk right in, THERE 
WILL BE NO registration on the day of the event!)  

THANK YOU for your support.  

We will have a great time!  


Pat Kilroy

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