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Kilroy, Patrick L. (GSFC-5680) patrick.l.kilroy at nasa.gov
Wed Feb 13 11:33:40 PST 2013

Last call . . . 

Do we have a volunteer to take over the 
food and planning role?  

See the details from my previous message 
as shown below.  

Or call any time, 301-286-1984.  We need 
to hear asap if not sooner.  Thanks.  



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Subject: [amsat-dc] Special Workshop Volunteer Needed

DOES ANYONE KNOW someone who can serve 
as our chairperson on food and drink for 
our AMSAT-DC workshop on Saturday, 
March 23?  

I know it does not sound like a glorious 
position, but we need to identify someone 
soon!  By COB this Monday, February 11.  

What does he or she do?  . . . 

He or she is directly involved in the 
planning of the food and drink at our 
nearly day-long event.  You can also add 
purchasing, pickup or delivery, serving 
or presentation, and accounting.  Not a 
very technical position but extremely 

If we don't get a volunteer for this then 
it will change a dynamic of our day.  We 
would need to delete coffee and breakfast-
type items early on, as well as lunch and 
snacks later.  It would be okay to announce 
for each person to bring their own brown bag 
lunch, but that may not be practical, and I 
really want to avoid the disruption of folks 
leaving the site during lunch time.  Even 
worse, entertaining starving souls amongst 
us.  BTW, hiring someone to handle all this 
is possible, but it would drive up the $$ 
donation for each person attending.  


Thank you very much.  


Pat Kilroy
AMSAT Area Coordinator
Phone: 301-286-1984 voice messages


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