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Louis Mamakos louie at transsys.com
Wed Jan 23 09:29:33 PST 2013

Note that the new FCD Pro+ has a different HID control interface than
the previous model, and it's nice that the makers of some of this
software have updated to support the new model.  I have an ~8.5dB gain
antenna, intended for use as an APRS I-GATE that I've been experimenting
with and thus the de-sense issue I've discovered.

It is a nice device that performs pretty well.  I also picked up one
of the cheap DVB-T USB dongles to play with.  While only having an 8-bit
A/D converter, it has a much wider passband and is also an interesting
device to play around with.  Fun times, lots of interesting work going
on in this space.


On Jan 23, 2013, at 12:07 PM, Robert Morales <wp4bqv at gmail.com> wrote:

> I've got one of the original FCDs and it works quite well under Mac OS X
> 10.8.  I'm using DSP Radio v1.3.9 and concur that strong nearby signals
> from NOAA stations can "de-sense" your amateur band 2M reception depending
> on your antenna connected to the FCD.
> Nice little SDR to take a dive into the next wave of radio technology.
> By the way, there's an Italian ham group (search for Kits under
> www.ct1ffu.com) that sells an upconverter for the FCD to allow for HF
> reception.
> 73s de Bob, WP4BQV/VQ9BQV.
> On Wed, Jan 23, 2013 at 11:22 AM, Pat Kilroy <pat at patkilroy.com> wrote:
>> I AM EXCITED about the new FUNcube Dongle Pro+
>> receiver (part number FCD2-15).  One is on its
>> way right now to my home mailbox, directly from
>> Howard G6LVB in London.  Should arrive in two
>> days, perhaps sooner.
>> This is the SDR receiver that I hope to show
>> off at our AMSAT-DC Workshop Spring 2013 coming
>> your way on Saturday, March 23.  I expect to
>> be running it with either the SpectraVue or
>> the SDRsharp software.
>> If you would like to "join me" in checking it
>> out and bringing yours with you too then keep
>> track of the FUNcube Dongle Web site.  Better
>> yet, don't wait until orders are announced as
>> being re-opened to the public on the main Web
>> page.  Go straight to:
>> https://funcubedongle.3dcartstores.com/FUNcube-Dongle-Pro_p_8.html
>> and click the button for "Put me on the
>> waiting list" intent to order.  Just fill
>> out your e-mail address.  At the same time
>> you might want to create an "account" there
>> with your name and address to save time
>> later.
>> The total cost in today's exchange rate is
>> under $214 (US dollars) including shipping
>> and handling.  We do NOT have to pay the
>> VAT (tax), and the ordering site knows that
>> from your address.  (I hope I don't need a
>> disclaimer to say that I am not benefiting
>> financially from this "sales" pitch.)
>> FYI, if you want to compare the new features
>> of this receiver with the old then browse
>> these pages:
>> New Specs
>> http://www.funcubedongle.com/?page_id=1201
>> Old specs
>> http://www.funcubedongle.com/?page_id=74
>> I trust someone will bring one of the "Cheap
>> and Easy SDR" receiver dongles that was
>> recently featured in QST Magazine (January
>> 2013, page 30, 6 pp), to show us as well.
>> QST Digital Copy:
>> http://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/arrl/qst_201301/index.php
>> The price range is claimed as being "$20 and
>> up" depending on the features of the specific
>> dongle you choose.  A large part of the six
>> pages is dedicated to step-by-step tips to
>> get the SDR# software up and running.  This
>> is good for everyone!  The other major part
>> of the article covers a construction project
>> which is needed only if you want the
>> expanded frequency coverage of HF.  Any
>> takers to dive into this for us??
>> We'll talk later about antennas and tracking
>> as desired.
>> I am dying to hear about the antennas that
>> folks are using or planning to use, especially
>> if anyone expects to experiment either on a
>> band above 70cm in frequency or with small
>> circular polarization (CP) yagi types.
>> Cheers,
>> Pat
>> N8PK
>> n8pk at amsat.org
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