[amsat-dc] New Receiver on Way

Pat Kilroy pat at patkilroy.com
Wed Jan 23 08:22:11 PST 2013

I AM EXCITED about the new FUNcube Dongle Pro+ 
receiver (part number FCD2-15).  One is on its 
way right now to my home mailbox, directly from 
Howard G6LVB in London.  Should arrive in two 
days, perhaps sooner.  

This is the SDR receiver that I hope to show 
off at our AMSAT-DC Workshop Spring 2013 coming 
your way on Saturday, March 23.  I expect to 
be running it with either the SpectraVue or 
the SDRsharp software.  

If you would like to "join me" in checking it 
out and bringing yours with you too then keep 
track of the FUNcube Dongle Web site.  Better 
yet, don't wait until orders are announced as 
being re-opened to the public on the main Web 
page.  Go straight to: 


and click the button for "Put me on the 
waiting list" intent to order.  Just fill 
out your e-mail address.  At the same time 
you might want to create an "account" there 
with your name and address to save time 

The total cost in today's exchange rate is 
under $214 (US dollars) including shipping 
and handling.  We do NOT have to pay the 
VAT (tax), and the ordering site knows that 
from your address.  (I hope I don't need a 
disclaimer to say that I am not benefiting 
financially from this "sales" pitch.)  

FYI, if you want to compare the new features 
of this receiver with the old then browse 
these pages: 

New Specs

Old specs

I trust someone will bring one of the "Cheap 
and Easy SDR" receiver dongles that was 
recently featured in QST Magazine (January 
2013, page 30, 6 pp), to show us as well.  

QST Digital Copy:

The price range is claimed as being "$20 and 
up" depending on the features of the specific 
dongle you choose.  A large part of the six 
pages is dedicated to step-by-step tips to 
get the SDR# software up and running.  This 
is good for everyone!  The other major part 
of the article covers a construction project 
which is needed only if you want the 
expanded frequency coverage of HF.  Any 
takers to dive into this for us??  

We'll talk later about antennas and tracking 
as desired.  

I am dying to hear about the antennas that 
folks are using or planning to use, especially 
if anyone expects to experiment either on a 
band above 70cm in frequency or with small 
circular polarization (CP) yagi types.  


n8pk at amsat.org

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