[amsat-dc] Re: AMSAT-DC Spring Workshop 2013 (Planning 1.0)

Kilroy, Patrick L. (GSFC-5680) patrick.l.kilroy at nasa.gov
Mon Jan 7 10:13:14 PST 2013

Hi Bruce,

Thank you for your great comments and ideas!  

First, yes, please check with MARC to see what 
conditions they would like to set for sponsorship.  
A $20 across the board fee for AMSAT members 
sounds okay.  With a followup to the discounts 
if possible.  (Would be nice if we don't have to 
deal out money during the event.)  

Please check to see if the wildapricot system 
can "refund" half of the fee after the event for 
where it is confirmed that a person indeed (1) 
brought a "substantial" demo station or (2) 
gave a "substantial" presentation knowing that 
individuals will be offering extemporaneous 
short talks/guidance throughout the event, or 
(3) that the attendee is an AMSAT-NA Life 

I really like the idea of offering Life members 
the discount, even though *I* do not qualify 

So, maybe (gulp!) it should be $30 for non-members, 
hoping that those individuals will call Martha 
to become a member and effectively get "$10 off" 
in a way??  

To recap: $30 non-members; $20 AMSAT-NA members 
and sponsor/MARC members (claim one, unfortunately 
not both); $10 AMSAT-NA Life Members, right off 
the top.  And we consider to apply any discounts 
*after* to those who wish to claim a discount.  


(I expect to pay full AMSAT $20 price -- to test 
the system? -- and probably won't bother to claim 
a discount.)  

"Leftover" money can be used to buy more goodies/
food/misc/other for the event itself and then 
and only then any further "left-over" be donated 
to AMSAT-NA.  Drinks all day and a catered 
lunch is sounding better all the time.  

I will drop the idea of a raffle or a silent 
auction SOON unless we find someone to delegate 
the task after the more important roles are 
filled.  Since I just might consider doing this 
SAME workshop annually then some things like 
this might wait a year before implementation.  

Yes, there is a dual-use factor between the 
high-altitude balloon portable ground station 
and the amateur satellite portable ground station.  
In fact, one of my RF sources is to be one of 
the PICetSat modules beeping on 433.920 MHz AM/

I am working on getting a LARGE room with 6-ft 
tables and chairs available with lots of elbow 
room.  Not the same building as before, it is 
under renovation.  

A live demo is good but depending on which 
building we are in, and the complexity of who's 
station employed, will dictate.  

I'd hate to hold a concurrent flea market and 
have to answer to that with my employer, but 
there HAS to be a low-impact means to barter 

SDR yes!  Maybe Tom Clark will show his little 
toys and provide color commentary???  

Things are starting to gell.  Let's keep the 
idea exchanges alive.  More comments?  



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Pat, Dan, Steve .. and all 

Pat - thanks for getting the ball rolling on this -- 

1. Great!

2. Our Club (Montgomery Amateur Radio Club - MARC) has recently purchased a
subscription to a Membership Registration Service - to manage the club
membership -- One of the functions it offers is  event registration
(http://www.wildapricot.com/event-registration)   I have initiated an
inquiry with our board to see if MARC is willing to be a "sponsor" of the
AMSAT-DC workshop -- and allow us to use the event registration feature of
this SaaS (Software as a Service) offering.  Notice it would handle the fee
collection, and if needed, a structured fee plan.

3. I am in favor of a basic fee -- $20 seems reasonable.  Yes, I could see
waiving some or all of it for presenters / demonstrators. 
I agree to stay "on site" for lunch would be more efficient.

  Option D:   -- let's see how many "helpers" we get to see if we a silent
auction is an option.   I am assuming we would have to have some contingency
plan if some items don't get "bought" at their minimum price.   

4. people are probably going to block the whole day -- so we could probably
run until 4:30 --   Maybe have all the "formal" activities wrap up by 3:30 -
Do we need to allow for some cleanup time -- to get the donated space "back
in order" 

-- it would definitely be good to get rolling by 10:00am --  are we thinking
lunch @ 12:30 - 1:00 -- maybe we should start a little earlier?

-- I think it would be nice to have a couple of 20-30 minute talks or
talk/demonstration planned. -- 
Would we be meeting in the same room as last time -- could it be partitioned
off -- so that if someone did not want to attend a "talk" they could keep
browsing?  -- 

5. Do we have the option of opening it up for "satellite related" equipment
swap"  if hams want to bring in some equipment they want to sell?

6. Other Ideas --
   -- Obviously SDR's is one of the hot tech topics --   I went ahead and
got one of the $20  SDR dongles (January QST)  and got the SDR# software up
& running -- 
  -- I'm still not completely sure what the I & Q signals are -- how are
they created -- 
It would be great to have a SDR SME there to answer questions.

Regarding "working the birds" -- I think one of the biggest challenges  -
Especially with the linear birds is managing the Doppler shift ...
  -- how are you doing it on your portable station? 
It would be interesting to have some sort Doppler shift simulator  and let
participants get a sense of the tuning required.  

7.   Are you thinking about working a pass during the workshop?  
   FO-29 goes overhead between  11:30am - 12:30 
  We should also be able to get in an SO-50 (FM bird) pass 

8.Possible Talk Topics
    -  "getting ready to work the next AMSAT-NA cubsat
    - SDR's how they work 
    - AMSAT-NA - Current Operational Status of existing sats 
      -- Near future plans - (can we get Drew to stop by?) 
    - Pat - do you have any of your balloon hardware you want to show off --
or talk about recent flights?


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