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Mon Jun 18 12:51:55 PDT 2012

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the follow up.  Very helpful!  

Good luck in the contest!  



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RE: IC-821 and SatPC32 weirdness solved (Stephan Greene)
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Re: my message from the other day....problem was in the radio.
Somehow the satellite mode had become set such that the repeater
offsets (+600 kHz or -5 MHz depending on band) activated on my uplink
whenever SatPC32 sent a doppler frequency change during transmitting.
Made it hard to find my signal, let alone make QSOs with computer
control of frequency.  Manual control of the radio worked fine.  Go

Full reset of the radio has solved the problem.  Easily found my
downlinks and made QSOs on AO-7 Mode B and VO-52 Mode B earlier this
evening with computer control of my radio.  Boy - do I wish I took the
time to figure out how to do that!

Lesson: Problems with computer control of a radio are not always the
fault of the computer or software.

For those who have seen my old garden-cart backyard portable AO-13
system, I'm reusing pieces of it.  Same Yaesu G5400, but on a sawhorse
this time, bottom section of the 70cm HyGain satellite antenna, and a
4 element KLM yagi I had for 2M.  Landwher and ARR preamps, although I
don't really need it on 2M and using it results in a S5-6 noise level
on 2M when the antennas are pointing at my house or the neighbors.
Now if I could just do something about all the trees my everyone
(including me!) planted over the past 10+ years.

Nice to be back on the birds!

Steve KS1G
ks1g at amsat.org

Steve Greene ks1g04 at gmail.com <kay ess one gee zero four>@gmail.com

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